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Edwards Enterprises

Edwards Enterprises has been operating in the Castlegar,B.C. And surrounding RDCK, RDKB area since April 2003. Starting off in the Trucking, Towing, Contracting, and Scrap Metal Recycling Industries. Now expanding to build Custom Tailored Industrial Parks starting in our home town of Castlegar, BC and expanding threw out the Kootneays and eventualy Canada and World wide. Witch will include but not limited to: Office's, Engineering Firm, Towing, Trucking, Contracting, Recycling, Manufacturing, Forge, Foundry, Furnace's, Bio Fuels, Bio Oils, Mining, Reload's all contained in one large Industrial Building as required from town to town city to city as to what each town or city needs for industry and useing the industry already in each town or city Just Adding any missing industry each place requires as we expand and build our Bio Fuels And Bio Oils Production Plants.


Go Green & Boost Economy

Our Mission is to Boost Economy and Go Green by building Green Custom Tailored Industrial park's, brining in industry, Job's, and Career's missing from town's and city's and Potentially Country's Around the World, Useing all new Technology in Bio Fuels, Bio Oils, Solar and other Renewable Energy Source's to build, operate and maintain the Custom Tailored Industrial Park's.

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Engineering Firm

The Engineering Firm will engineer everything required for building each industrial park along with everything manufactured in the Manufacturing Plant and Fab shop along with anything els required to be engineered for the company or any outside contracts requiring engineering.

Towing & Recovery

The Towing & Recovery Division is based out of the head office of Castlegar BC being the home town of the owner Aaron Edwards and the ownership of the Legal Towing & Recovery Territorial rights to the Castlegar BC area, and will be expanding with the other industrial parks threw out bc, Canada and around the world as required in each town or city we build the custom tailored industrial parks in, if that town or city requires towing service or if the towing service is looking to sell and retire or what ever the case may be if that town or city could befit from our towing & recovery services, but only if needed in that town or city will we put towing and recovery service in that custom industrial park as the plan is to only put things in each custom tailored industrial park that is required in each specific town or city we build a custom tailored industrial park in.

Bio Fuels & Bio Oils





Land Clearing & DevlopementS